Dvd's play with no audio

For some strange reason my laptop has suddenly stopped playing dvd’s with audio. Everything else works fine, saved videos, mp3’s, etc, all the drivers are fine as far as i can tell, and tried all my various media players, (and reinstalled the audio and dvd drivers). I’ve even reset my pc to the previous days settings and that didn’t resolve the problem. So would that be a case of some software going astray? I am running a Dell laptop, win xp, tsst corp dvd rw, and have had no previous problems.

Many thanks in advance for any solutions.

Diolch yn fawr :smiley:

Are these backups or originals or movies that are already on your HDD?

Both. i forgot to mention that it still plays cd’s (copies and originals) with no problems

Have you tried PowerDVD or similar program…something other than WMP? Could be that your drive has one foot in the grave.

No, but I’m willing to give it a try. Apart from WMP, I’ve tried Real Player, Sonic
and still the same result.

Try a week ago or more…this has helped me before. Sometimes if you go too far back you may also have to manually update your antivirus database (with McAfee anyway).

Re-install your DVD player software, you seem to have lost the codec.

Have you un-installed some program in the time since it was working? In any case, re-installing should fix it. Also be sure the drive is running in UDMA mode, not PIO.

Many thanks. I’ll try to get the software and give that a good as all else has failed. As audio is still working with cd’s, mp3’s and videos stored on the hd, it must be some missing sotware? All i’ve uninstalled is dvd decrypter and have since reinstalled it, and i deleted a file that was a windows notebook log of updates. Very odd. A i’ve reloaded the drivers for the audio and dvd drive (no problems) where would be be the best place for the dvd drive sotware? dell? tsstcorp? toshiba? or elsewhere?


i checked the dell website, i found an article relating to problems with sonic, even though i never use sonic it affected all players. What is needed is to reset the date of your pc to any time before 1st december, thus, now have audio. They claim the patch to rectify this will be available by 6/12/06. (6th dec).

thanks for all you help and advice

Installing a real DVD player program would fix it too. Dell uses a whole boatload of proprietary programs and codecs that are best left uninstalled. Something has expired that they wanted you to pay for, and it took out the codec for playing DVD’s. Uninstalling the Sonic software, and anything else you’re not using would be a good move. You could look up “VOB” in your file type associations and see what’s listed there.

followed your advice and unistalled all the roxio/sonic programs that were never used, problem is they took the codecs with them and left me unable to play anything. What now?