DVD's out of VHS Sporting Events



Hello all, newbie here.

I want to transfer aall of my sports VHS tapes to DVD. I have one in particular that is 10 hours in length. It is hockey coverage from the Nagano Olympics.

I want to burn this onto DVD so that it is presevered for future viewing. I’m a bit worried about constant playback on VHS and the tape getting damaged or something as it is thin 10 hour tape.

I have a ADS Pyro A/V Link to convert the analog tape to digital. I am having trouble understanding how this will all work, however. I want to burn the 10 hour coverage onto DVD and have it look just like what it does if I play it on my VCR. I am unsure about spanning DVD discs as i’m sure i’m not going to get 10 hours onto one DVD. How would I go about getting all 10 hours of this coverage onto DVD like I want it? It doesn’t matter how many DVD’s I use, I want it transferred over and have the best picture quality and sound as possible.

Now, as far as the transfer of that tape to my PC. I will have to watch, or play, the entire 10 hours of coverage until it finishes transferring to the PC?? Someone mentioned on another forum about “editing” the coverage I guess into segemnts for burning. No idea what that means. I will use ULEAD version 6 and I also have Windows Movie Maker 2 to accomplish this task.

I’m basically looking for a step by step method on how to do this. I’m about ready to throw in the towel here and return the burner whenever it arrives. I bought a Plextor 712a. If I cannot get an answer here that seems easy, i’m going to just return the drive for a refund.

Thank you all in advance!



if you can record some of the material to your hard disk as mpeg2 with 48000hz audio I think that would be a good start.

I like to break stuff up into 4400 mb chunks. It’s probably about 15 gigs worth. about 3 conventional DVD’s.

you can use mpegvcr from womble to cut it up into the segments you want.

you might need DVDpatcher to patch the first header of each segment.

I am a big fan of dvdauthor using the patched-header trick to make dvd videos.

They play on the two standalones I have access to. panasonic f65 and a toshiba.

hope that helps.

c&p from dvbnDOThappysatDOTorg topic# 18810

After a lot of trial and error, plus some good help from members of this forum, IÂ’ve come with a solution that works. Hope this helps others.

The problem: Dish Network mpeg program files (MyTheatre) many times have errors, such as bad frames, short weather dropouts, etc. When you attempt to make a DVD with the normal demux/transcode/remux process, the errors get magnified and the sound ends up out of synch.

A solution: You need two software applications – TMPGenc DVD Author 1.5 (or above) and DVDPatcher.

  1. DVD Author won’t accept a DVB recorded file that is not DVD compliant. To get the non-standard file into DVD Author, you have to tell some lies to the application. You do this by changing the file header with DVDPatcher. DVD Author does not appear to demux and remux the mpeg files during the authoring process. You will end up with a DVD that looks pretty much identical with the original mpeg file. The “glitches” will still be there, and the sound will be just as in the original recorded file.

  2. Open DVDPatcher and open the recorded mpeg file. Select a bitrate of 8Mbps, Aspect 4:3, Horizontal Size 720, Vertical Size 480, Frame Rate 29.97, and First Header Only. Patch the file.

  3. Open DVD Author and create a new project. Open the mpeg file. You will get an error regarding the non-standard GOPÂ’s that are built into the Dish Network stream. Ignore the error.

  4. You can edit the clip and trim out anything you don’t want to be in the final DVD. Set up the type of menu you want, and “Output” the DVD files or image as you wish.

I used two pretty bad files to test this process. I have tried a lot of other utilities and authoring applications, but could not get a good DVD with these two files. The above worked. I made the images and tested them with software players (WinDVD, PowerDVD, Zoom Player, and VLC). They all worked just fine. I then burned the image to a DVD, and played the DVD on an APEX AD-1100W hardware player. It played OK. I also tested the DVD with the software players, and got the same results.

IÂ’m interested in feedback from anyone who tries this process.

ps - I was in the southern hemisphere when that tournament was on, and it doesn’t look like there is going to be any hockey for a while. Have fun. Go Flames Go!