DVDs only record first 45 minutes of movie!

I have a I/O Magic DVD burner DVD -/+ R(W) -not dual layer-, I am trying to copy DVDs using DVDCloner v2.35 Build 825 , I was not using any type of CSS software beacuse it started working just fine, but after the first 2 movies, every movie I try to copy it only copies the first 40 to 45 minutes of film and then player stops. I tried in my PC, in my laptop, in both our DVD players in the house and the same in all of them.

I first tried some brandless DVDs, then I purchased Fuji DVD+R 4.7GB and same result. I did use the Fuji blank DVDs to record some of my own authored DVDs and it works just perfect.

Could I get some help PLEASEEEEE!!! :sad: