DVD's only burn at 4x

My DVD Writer is the Phillips DVDR1628P1 and DVD’s will only burn at 4x. I have selected 8x but using the realtime speed reg hack it shows 3.9x.

It is not the disks because I have tried them on my mates computer.

Used Read Buffer is at 100%

PC Specs are Intel P4 HT 3.2GHZ with 1 gig of RAM.


It’s what the firmware of the burner is set to use for this media. You could try to find a firmware update.

I’ve already tried a firmware update.

dvd writer manual says it can burn up to 16x.

Firmware is Q2.2,

I agree with Tim. The firmware for your mate’s burner probably supports that media a little better (unless he/she has the same burner/firmware as you, in which case, I’m stumped!).

You tried updating the firmware…since that didn’t help, you could try some different media, see if it writes to that at the correct speed.

Edit: That might at least rule out the possibility of no firmware support for the original media!

I’ve no doubt that your burner is 16x capable, as you point out, but that depends on firmware support for different media.


I also forgot to mention that the same thing happens with cd’s.

It should be able to burn cd’s at 48x but only burns at 24x.

I seems like something is causing it to burn at half speed because the dvd disks I am using are 8x.

I’ve just re-read the original post & as you are able to select 8x it means that the firmware does recognise the media.

I suspect that this an issue caused by DMA not being enabled. This means the device runs in PIO mode which would give you about 4x speed. Also CD burn speed would be restricted.

Check out this link on how to fix this.


That’ll teach you to agree with me all the time. :smiley: :smiley:

Hey you :D…hehe, I was thinking of a prob I had with a TDK -R awhile back, and didn’t register the “chose 8x” bit. Oops. :bigsmile:

DMA is already enabled.

The only other obvious thing that will slow down the burning is the burner & the source (HD) being on the same IDE channel. But then you’d get fluctuations in the buffers so this is not too likely.

You could try another IDE cable, preferably 80wire, as this can sometimes affect things.

Any chance of posting a Nero log as this might help?

What is the media you’re using. The brand & media ID for the DVD media would be useful.

I’ve got some Ritek G05 DVD-Rs, rated at 8x & recognised by the firmware as such. However my LG burner will only ever reach 6x. For some reason the burner refuses to go faster, but nevertheless gives me a very good burn.