DVD's not working

Hi guys just need a lil bit of help. I have nero on my computer and tried using it to burn some dvd’s but for some reason it doesnt. It goes through the motion of burning which takes almost an hour then y u try it out it does not work. What could be the reason for this? could someone help please cos i have wasted quite a few dvd’s already

What version of Nero are you using? If it is anything below 6.6.x, you need to download the updates to get you to that point. Nero 7 is not recommended at this time due to bugs…

i have nero vision express 3 whichever one that is. is that one 7

Express 3 was part of 6 and goes into 7 as well. You should see a version information pop up when you first start nero. Versions range from 5.5 to 6.6, and up to 7. something. To burn dvds, you should be at the very least at 6.3.x, and preferably at 6.6.x

NVE 3 is for creating VIDEO

Check Nero isn’t writting to an IMAGE-DRIVE.

ON the left, under APPLICATIONS, click NERO BURNING ROM.

When NERO starts, click the RECORDER tab.
Select the CHOOSE RECORDER option, and select your RECORDER.