DVD's messing up from DVDFab



Hi, I was just wondering if anyone else has had a problem with dvdfab that when you get done making the copy you play it in your dvd player and it plays fine and then after awhile it starts to skip and sputter ad freeze and have little boxes all over. It doesn’t do this on all of them but quit a few, Any input would be helpful Thanks


My first thought is you are burning at maximum speed on a not so good quality disk.

If you are burning faster than 12X try slowing your burn speed to 12x or even 8X

What brand / code blanks are you using and what speed are you burning.?

Post as much information as possible so the experts here can help you.


use half speed from meadia like media is 16 then use 8 for speed


Benhad is correct burning to fast is a major cause of this issue also a factor is low or poor quality blanks being used, when doing backups of videos/movies always use good quality brand media like Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden

If you are going to use low quality media then always burn at half the rated speed of the disc’s being used.

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Thanks for the input I will try that the next time and by the way I am using magnavox dvd+r discs 4.7GB data 120 minute video 1-16x speed is that a good one to use. What type of Verbatim are good


Magnavox DVDs are ok they are fair when it comes to storing data files and photos you know stuff like that but would not use them for video files.
Like I stated in my last post you would be better of using Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden, the reason for this is because those two manufacturers make their own disc’s others have other companies make them depending on who can produce them cheaper thus you get cheap material.

Verbatim’s can be found at most stores that sell blank media but Taiyo Yuden can only be found on line, Taiyo Yuden is top of the line and Verbatim comes in second.


Great advice from everyone…
The problems of pixelation, freezing, etc., are probably due more to media than anything else, but the comments about burn speed are right on.
As SJ said, we would not recommend the magnavox media for video archiving.
It’s likely you are using CMC manufactured media…certainly not a good choice for your needs.
Verbatim is easy to find and can be found in many brick & mortar stores like bestbuy, office max, sam’s, wallyworld and online.
TY’s are available online.

It’s best to refer to the MID (or media code) when talking media. It is much more specific. Usually, the brand name is not much help.
You can easily ID the MID with utiliies such as nero cd-dvd speed (link in my sig), dvd identifier, etc.

If you could post a few burn logs…this will give us quite a bit of info such as the MID, burner, firmware, burn speed, etc.

The default location is:
[B]C:\Documents and Settings[I]Administrator Name[/I]\My Documents\DVDFab\Log[/B]


Verbatim is easy to find and can be found in many [B]brick & mortar stores[/B]
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