DVD's in Widescreen

I will often have a movie file in mpeg1 that I can play on my computer in widescreen with most any media player I have. But when I burn it with Roxio or Nero, and play it on my home DVD player, the picture is squished vertically, like a 16:9 movie trying to play on a 4:3 screen. I don’t understand if it plays widescreen on the computer, why doesn’t it burn and play widescreen on the TV? Is there an easy way to fix this? Thanks!

Further to this, I’ve read about a DVD patcher and a Zoom player, but I don’t know how to use them. And you know, sometimes a movie that plays widescreen on the computer does play widescreen on my home DVD player after I burn it to a disc…and sometimes not. So the question again is how do I get it to play widescreen on TV all the time. I would think that ability should be in the burning software, but I’ve tried most of the major ones. Thx again.

you need to author the movie corectly in DVD format 4:3 or 16:9 NTSC/PAL/HD it sounds like you’re just burning an mpeg1 how it is…won’t work.

What are the best couple of programs that can do this? When I’m selecting my output folder, I would think that is when I can choose the output frame size. Now if I’m converting a Quicktime movie or AVI file to Mpeg1 let’s say, should I be selecting a 16:9 output ratio, or a 4:3? What I want of course is for it to play on my home DVD player in widescreen. I’ve got WinAVI, but I haven’t had it long, so I don’t know if it will help me control the aspect ratio of my output. I’ve heard this is a pretty good program. From what I’ve used it so far, it is incredibly fast. Thanks.

Download tempeg http://www.tmpgenc.net/ and look for help over at vcdhelp.com, you need to convert the mpeg1 files to NTSC or PAL 4:3 for sull screen or 16:9 for wide. Then you have to burn it and create a VCD, if you want to make a DVD you need to further use another authoring app I use Adobe Encore DVD get a trial from www.adobe.com