Dvds in bulk

Does anyone know any good wholesalers that sell dvd’s in bulk ? I’ve seen the americal.com site and they say you can get 100 50 pack spindles for like $100, or am I just reading it wrong ?

You have a link to what you are looking at?

It is very unlikely that would be the price considering most of there media is overpriced to start with.

e.g. http://www.americal.com/pd/VER95101.html, the 100 pack is $105, each pack contains 50 discs in a spindle, am I right ?

I think that want $105 for 100 discs…on the right side it says $1.05000 ea. (I think that is a per disc price). I have no idea why any one would pay $1.05 for one disc.

Maybe I am reading it wrong as that sounds like a terrible price?

The 100 pack is 2 x 50 cakeboxes (spindles).
The 200 pack is 4 x 50 cakeboxes etc.

These prices seem very high to me.

It’s pretty hard to beat These discs for both quality and price.


The only downside is they come in shrinkwrap instead of a spindle. They are of better quality IMHO and are much cheaper than the Verbs you listed.

okay I thought is $1 per spindle, so if I want to buy say a thousand discs wheres the best place to get them ?

What exact media do you want? 16x 8x +R -R Injet Printable?

16x or 8x, can be inkjet printable or not



The wieght of the 100 pack should have given you a hint. 7 lbs. The rest is easy to figure out.

http://www.meritline.com as well.

The “bulk” places that I have seen are all extreme rip-offs. They give you media that is “so-so” in quality at best and then charge you way more than they are worth. As mentioned by Joe Dirt you can order premium 8x Taiyo Yudens in that quantity from www.rima.com for around 30 cents a disc with shipping included. They are among the best discs that money can buy. I guess it’s just me but I would trust rima long before meritline.

supermediastore.com as well

Me too :iagree:
I order 400disc TY DVD media last night from supermediastore
Verb 100disc for $105 ? I really don’t understand :confused:

For Valueline media I go throught www.shop4tech.com. If you want an additional 10% off just PM me your email addy and I’ll shoot you a referral.


I guess it’s just me but I would trust rima long before meritline.

I’ve had no issues with either company…but do tend to use RIMA for often. It just depends on where I can get what I want for the best price.

I also use Rima, at 33.00 per 100 for YudenT02 media its not that bad, even including the shipping, but I prefer the Sony MIJ Yuden media, when I can find it.:iagree:

All the TY DVD media I can find at Rima are either thermal or inkjet printable. Don’t they have any with regular top surfaces?

Here I guess you missed them