DVDs from Bali have me confounded

Hi there, this is my first post on cdfreaks but I have visited the site hundreds of times and found it very helpful. I have looked for ages tonight through other posts and forums to see if I can find an answer to this but with no luck, although if anyone can point me to previous threads that would be great.

We were recently given several DVDs which came from Bali (not sure if that is important or not). As is my normal routine I went to make a back-up copy of each (as my toddler has wrecked so many originals accidentally) and found that they are either not recognised at all by the dvd drive or if they are, they giving an error message like; “RipIt4Me has detected that some of the cells that couldn’t be ripped do not seem to be protected. This might mean that your DVD is dirty or scratched.RipIt4Me has detected that some of the cells that couldn’t be ripped do not seem to be protected. This might mean that your DVD is dirty or scratched.” There are no apparent scratches, they are not dirty, and there are 12 different movies that it is doing this with.

I am using RipIt4Me in conjunction with DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter (as usual), but I am just stumped!

The DVDs play just fine on my dvd player by the way.

The only thing I can see that is different about them is that on the burned side in the centre ring there is a scratched/smudged patch about 1cm long and 1/2 cm wide, it almost looks as if the material has been corroded (like when you get acetone on plastic sometimes).

If anyone has any ideas they would be greatly appreciated! I haven’t gone into any more detail about my computer, burner and software because I suspect that might be irrelevant, but I would be happy to provide if helpful.

Can you play the DVD on your computer using your DVD burner player?
If they play on standalone player it is possible that your burner has a problem.
I had disk, not long ago, that was scratched beyond recognition, like using a sand paper to clean it, and RipIt did not have any problem to get it to HD.

Hello and thank you for your reply. Yes, the DVDs do play on my computer when I load them in the burner drive, although occasionally it doesn’t recognise any disk in the drive at all. When I just tried one now it played OK but I could see flashes of pixellated squares occasionally.

I keep wondering if it is something to do with the dvds physically, like that mark I mentioned or something else?

It’s likely down to very poor media that have burned very badly.

Some DVD devices will read these better than others. Liteons generally are good readers of poor media but then other burners will read what Liteons can’t.

What burner do you have?

Hi, ok, I understand re media. I have looked up on “My Computer” and the info for the drive says;

Driver: cdrom.sys 04 August 2004 supported

These discs are unlikely to be protected so you could just try with DVD Decrypter on it’s own. At least with it’s retries it might get somewhere.

Rip the whole DVD in file mode. It might just get some of the files then you save those away & try again.

This is where friends with PCs can come in handy.

I’ve got numerous burners & DVD-ROMs which all have different reading abilities & I can usually piece it all together like that.

Thanks for suggestions. So I will try with DVD Decrypter right now and see what happens. I’m pretty sure I did this last night and ended up with only a tiny amount of mb at end with all the retries and ignores, but I will pay more attention this time.

When you say rip the whole DVD in file mode, can you clarify that for me please. Do you mean that is a function in DVD Decrypter?

Also, re friends with PCs, do you mean it is worth my seeing if a friend can burn them?

It might help.