DVD's for data backup

I was just wondering which type of DVD’s are best for backing up data, DVD-R, or DVD+R. I currently use a pioneer 107d drive.

Format ‘superiority’ is a highly debated topic.
Both work great for data backup.
Make sure that you use good quality media so that you don’t have problems.

If the media you use is of good quality, then both are just as reliable - considering you have a Pioneer, then I’d go with -R as they seem to like it better.

I have a Lite-on 812S, and ive heard to make DVD copies or backups, you would used DVD-R. DVD-R is what the set top DVD players use. Can someone say what Format is considered to be the “standard” for the future. What i mean is what format does Microsoft support, and which DVD+R OR DVD-R is thought of to be the one DVD writable standard that will eliminate the other format -R or +R.

Sorry to be so complicated.

Neither will be ‘eliminated’ before the other.
Both DVD-R and DVD+R are here to stay until the next generation of optical storage technology comes along.