DVDs for Canada from Australia

I want to create a DVD of home movies I shot on my MiniDV camera in Australia to send to relatives living in Canada. I want the DVD I produce to play in low end DVD players bought in Canada (I’ll assume they own the most restrictive player you could buy there). Do I have to consider the implications of the differing zone protection AND the differing TV formats when creating a DVD for them? I have a BenQ DW1640.
Using my BenQ DW1640 can I create a DVD in Australia for my Canuck relatives that will play in all DVD players in Canada? Any hints or references on how to do this appreciated.

The disks you are creating yourself shouldn’t have any region restrictions like comercially produced disks. Also, someone corect me if I am wrong, but Canada and Australia both use pal so thier shouldn’t be any problems thier, right?

I remember a Canadian relative having to get a VHS tape converted to PAL before they sent it to me in Australia, I’m not positive but I think Canada uses NTSC. Assuming Canada uses NTSC, how does this affect how I go about producing DVDs for my relatives there?

You would have to convert it from pal to ntsc which I wouldn’t think would be too hard. I hqave only done it a couple of times (actually I did just the oppisite, converted pal to ntsc). Using nero make your own dvd option (nero vision express if I am not mistaken), it lets you add video files and then creates menus and the dvd structure for you. I had an isntance once or twice where I had ntsc and pal video files and it prompted me asking which one I wanted to convert to. Beyond that unfortunatlly I’m not sure what would be the best way to do it. As the dvd isn’t copy protected or region coded, that is the only thing that I think that you would have an issue with. What software are you using to make your dvd’s?

^^ correct, US and Canadian DVD players only support NTSC; you will need to convert the format. You can do this in Adobe Premiere.

Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 tryout software for Windows (fully functional):

“Not too hard” can be a relative thing. If it’s home movies, yeah it’s not TOO hard, just a bit time-consuming to do it properly (make sure to fix pulldown and framerates and such).

Thanks a lot. It seems the further I wander into the DVD quagmire the stickier it becomes. It sounds like my Nero 6 OEM (Vision Express) may not be able to do the job. Any further info on, or references to, managing “pulldown?” and “framerates” greatly appreciated.

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