Dvd's distort, or freezes on players

Hello guys, im new to dvd burning and having sevral problems. Im using nero 6 to burn films onto my disc, unfortunatly some film freeze part way through, this is using a emtec 4.7gb 8x dvd +r and some of my other films using emtec 4.7gb 8x dvd -r. cant seem to work out prolem and very fustrating. As i said im really new to this so i’ll try and tell you all the software im using to help with my question.
dvd burner…sony dvd rw dw -d26a
dvd player… tobshiba dvd vidio player sd-231e or bush dvd 2023
Encoder- nero 6
downloaded nero cd-dvd speed
bitsetting…-dvd rom
MID…mpomedia 080 (000)
disks currently using…emtec 4.7gb 8x dvd +r
i burn as 8x speed but have tryed to burn at 6x but encure same problem

Thanks if anyone can help me. please i m new and dont undertand to many terms people use lol

Hi Aimee,

At first glance, it could be a media problem - could you download DVDIdentifier and tell us the Media ID for those discs? Or you could have a look under Disc Info in Nero CD-DVD Speed.

Could be something else, but that’s the kind of problems I’ve had in the past, when using not-so-good discs. :slight_smile:

Edit: Disregard the above - I see you posted the MID. Try some different discs, just to rule out a media problem. :wink:

I will try buying some more its just i need to use these up as i got 100 lol. What disks are good to buy and not to costly

100, ouch! As a rule, you can’t go wrong with Verbatim discs (apart from the “Pearl White” ones) - anything made by Taiyo Yuden, or that is Made in Japan should be good too.

I’ve had good results with Maxell 8x +Rs (again, make sure they’re made in Japan!) and Sony +Rs tend to play well on my Philips standalones also.

Edit (again): the Verbatims and Taiyo Yuden-made discs may cost a little more, but they’re worth it in the long run. Sony and Maxell aren’t too badly priced.


For me…when I started off, I had to tinker with +r’s and -r’s to figure what my set top player liked best, turns out my samsung set top likes +r.

Buy a 5 pack of each if you can, fuji made in japan, and experiment. If made in japan, probably TY’s (good quality)

save the rest of that 100 pc spindle for data backups or photo discs…:slight_smile:

Agree with both, with Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim you can’t go wrong.

I agree about Verbatim, haven’t had a chance to try TY.

But, for the Emtec with MID-code mpomedia080, at videohelp.com it’s listed at 4x burning speed.
Maybe it doesn’t like 6x or 8x even if the package says so?

Emtec 16x seems to use MCC004 (same as Verbatim), that would probably be better disks. Some Emtec 8x use TY YUDEN000T02, a pity it seems difficult to know what you get when you buy Emtec :frowning:

Just have a look in the blankmedia forum to see what’s fake and not.

Could be your dvd player. I posted here about having issues with my dvd’s playing in my dvd player. I went out and bought a new one Sony dvp-ns50p and so far its taken everything ive tried to play with nothing going wrong.