DVDs Burning Reeeally Slowly!




I have a laptop with a DVD burner but I’ve only recently started to burn DVDs. I have burnt about 6 discs & each one has taken over 12hours!!
I know this can’t possibly be right, so can someone help me?

I use Nero Vision 7, my computer is a Dell Inspiron 6000 with 504MB Ram but minimum Free Disk Space (enough however, to burn a DVD). I don’t now the speed of my DVD Burner but as it is less than a year old I cant imagine it being too slow.

any advise is welcome, thank you.


Hi, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

First of all, checking/enabling DMA would be a good idea, and might sort things out. :slight_smile:


thankx for replying.
i followed the troubleshoot but my settings were already put to DMa if available.
any other ideas? Do you know how I can check the speed of my burner?


You say they’re set to DMA if Available - what’s the Current Transfer Mode for your drives?



Primary IDE Channel:
-Device 0 - Ultra DMa Mode 5
-Device 1 - Not applicable
Secondary IDE Channel:
-Device 0 - Ultra DMa Mode 2
-Device 1 - Not applicable


OK, that’s good :slight_smile:

That is a long time though, even if you take converting (you say you’re using Nero Vision) into account.

Might seem like a silly question, but have you defragged lately, and what size files are you working with?


havent defragged ina while, no.
most of the DVDs were TV shows I had downloaded, so usually 6-8 150-250MB avi files.

Why do you say converting with Nero Vision? are there other programs out there I could use that would not need to convert & therefore go faster?


ok, anyone else got any solutions, this is ridiculous!


Not really ridiculous. With minimum free space on a laptop using NeroVision or many other convertors like it will take time.

You’re converting many avi files in one go & this conversion process is CPU/Disk I/O intensive.

If I convert 1 TV episode on my desktop PC it takes a hour plus so what you’re getting isn’t so bad at all.


ok, well is there a program which can burn it to disc without having to convert?


You can burn anything direct to disc BUT what will you watch it with?

If you’ve a Divx compatible standalone DVD player then you can just create a data disc so you’re only looking at the burn time (5 - 10mins).

However, without such a compatible player you’ve no choice other than continuing to do as you currently are doing.