Dvds burned with iHAS624B take forever to play



Hi guys, I have a ihas624b drive with latest firmware and I also have a Lg gh24ns72 that I recently bought on sale. My issue is that both drives are excellent burners however, the dvds burned by the liteon drive take forever to play using my samsung BP1600 blu ray player, however the same dvd burned using the lg burner plays right away.

Upon further inspection I have found that the dvds burned using the liteon drive at the start of the burn, there is a little unburned free space, the liteon burn produces a small one line ring in that space, but the lg doesn’t do that, could this be the reason that it takes so long for the blu ray player to pick up the disk? Some times it even gives a message saying that disk isn’t playable and ejects, however, usually inserting it again plays ok, it still takes a lot of time for the laser to pick up the disk. I tried flashing the liteon to 524b but that ring in the free space still is there, which is the reason I think the blu ray laser is having a hard time to pick up disc.

Please advise how to fix this issue. thanks.


Anybody else having similar issue?


Anyone using a iHASB drive, can you check a dvd+r burned with the drive. In the beginning of the burned dvd there is small space that is not burned, if you look closely you should see a small ring that’s burned in that space, if someone could please verify that they are also seeing this with the iHASB drives. thanks.