DVDs burned skip towards the end!

Ok here’s my checkered history…

Originally had Lite-On 1633S-SOHW and was using CloneCD to rip and Datawrite Printable 4x to burn…found that the DVD-R’s would burn ok but skip dramatically about 80% of the way through on playback. Even had frequent problems with Datawrite Titaniums 8x

Changed to Pioneer 109 and found that whether using CloneCD to burn or Nero 6.6 using Datawrite Titanium I rarely get a disc that works the whole way through. What is likely to be causing this…I hear people mention RecordNowMax 4.5 is this better? any general advice…I’m convinced it can’t be the datawrite titaniums as everyone swears by them…

Not familiar with datawrite printable. Is it possible they are, errr, just crap media?

everyone swears by them…

Yeah theyre fci*g awful! tbh ive never used them however every datawrite product ive used has been a big POS

@Mr. Brownstone

I agree, ended up with about 60 Datawrite blanks of various types most (a mixture of +R and -R including probably the same printables as the OP mentions - mainly with CMC MIDS) will barely burn without error (in my P106D, 108 or Philips 1640). Those that appear to burn ok have horrendous PI/PIF readings and tend to start failing a couple of weeks after burning. :frowning:

Even the worst of Ritek and junk like IS01 media give better results on the whole.