DVD's Aren't Recognized By DVD Player

I have recently purchased a DVD burner, as well as Nero 6 Ultimate. I took all the steps that I thought were necessary to burn my DVD, and everything seemed to go okay on the computer. However, when I try to play the disc on numerous new DVD players, nothing loads and the DVD ejects.

When I am copying files, I am dragging all files from the VIDEO_TS file from the rip into the directory to copy in Nero. Are there some files that specifically cause this problem that I should be leaving out?


It’s probably because the numerous new DVD players cannot read DVD+R or DVD-R. You have to change the booktype to DVD-ROM before you burn a DVD.

Make sure you use the wizard and select DVD-Video proflie from the left. You must have VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folder in your compilation on the left window once your gone through the wizard