DVD's are often lagging in the end



Hi, I have a question to the experts :

I have a NEC3500A with firmware 2.17.
My problem is that when using a media Platinum DVD+R, burned with 8x speed, my movies are frequently lagging.
However this is primarily in the the end of the playback :confused:

Is this a media flaw or a burner problem ?

Thanx for a reply in advance ! :stuck_out_tongue:


Get better Media. TY T02 +R,(Fuji MIJ), Verbatim MCC003, Or Memorex (Made in India). I also hear that ty’s G02 -Rs are good if you are into -Rs.
These all work great with my Mad Dogs (3500 IDE and 3520 firewire) and Benq 1620.


Sounds like those discs are producing higher errors towards the edge of the disc! Can you do a CD/DVD Speed scan and post it? Also, what is the MID of those discs!

You’re also using stock f/w in your 3500, you could flash to the official 2.18 f/w and check your burns with CD/DVD Speed to see if it improves the burn.


Either of two problems, Jitter or bad media.

Easiest is to try burning them at a lower speed first.

Otherwise, get better quality media as suggested.

Can you post the media code of your platinums?