DVDs and CDs

Does anybody know how to make a DVD writer burn DVDs or CDs faster than the speed on the disk. For example burn a 8x DVD-R at 12x. I know this is possible but I don’t know what to search for on google to get the right results. Believe me I’ve tried lol. I know the risks involved but I just want to know how to force the DVD writer to burn faster DVD and CDs. My drive is a Sony DRU-710a with firmware BYX5.

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You can’t force the burner to burn faster than the firmware will allow.

Overburning [Edit Overspeeding] certain media codes may be possible, if the firmware will allow it. This will most certainly only work with higher quality media. Don’t even bother attempting with craptastic quality media.

I spose the first line of my reply isn’t technically accurate, you could edit the firmware… but is that really something you want to experiment with.


Thanks for the correction reasons.

hey broken. i know you know what you’re talking about, but you misspoke a bit.

overburning refers to putting more data on a disc than it technically can hold. this discussion is about overspeeding.

other than that, everything you said still applies.

some drives come with utilities to allow overspeeding (benQs for example) If your drive does not have a utility for this you’d have to edit the firmware.

unofficial firmware voids drive warranties.
there’s no guarantee of burn quality.
unless you’re using top of the line media, you’re going to get unreadable crap as a result.

A little correction :flower:

Some official firmwares allow overspeed. For example, RICOHJPNR02 (8x certified media) can be burned @12x with LG 4167 official firmware

geno, doesn’t that mean that the disc can be burned at 12x, but the firmware can only handle 8x?

i thought that the section under “Extended Information” that says “write strategies” was the part that dictated what the firmware can and can not handle…

I’m not able to answer to your question, but I was able to select 12x as burning speed with that disc. I didn’t do that burn because the quality of my media wasn’t so good, and to avoid to waste a media I burned it @8x, but 12x was selectable :iagree:

Hi thanks for your replys. Even though this might be risky has anyone seen or have a firmware which overspeeds certain media for a Sony DRU-710a. Also is there a way to SLOW down the burning of a media lol. It might seem a bit contradictory but for some cases I need very quick burning because that drive can read pretty much any quality CD or DVD that I have given it so far. But for another drive that I am using it it being very picky. I need to burn it at a 2x for my CD and DVD discs but the CD and DVD only says it can do it at 4x or higher. I suppose that this would be a safer form of changing the normal burning speed instead of trying to make it burn faster. Sorry if this sounds a bit confusing.

Many thanks

The problem in writing at slow speeds is that high speed certified media can give very bad results if burned too slowly.