DVDRWs dont seem to be working anymore



I own a Liteon SOHW 832s DVDRW running on Windows XP. I sued to have a Benq drive. With both drives I’m discovering my DVDRW discs (Memorex, TDK) are becoming useless.

I normally use Nero Burn to write data to the disc (MP3s, videos). I start off by first quick formatting the disc then trying to burn. Most of the time Nero will complain that there is STILL data on the disc and it needs to format. I click YES to format but many times it will eject complaining about the capacity or “Illegal Disc - Could not perform start of disc at once”. Other times after a successful burn when i check the disc there is nothing on it. I can go to my dvd player in the living room and discover there actually is something on the disc that can be played, other times there really is nothing.

This strange occurence has been occurring on most, if not all of my DVDRW which have previously been reliable. The memorex I’ve had for about a year or so and the TDK for perhaps 5 months. I’ve used the Memorex the most but no more than 10x. Both the Liteon and Benq drives have the same issue. In fact i had a LG drive at work and it too was experiencing the same problem with my discs.

I could get new discs but i dont want to discover its a drive issue and ruin new dvdrws. Perhaps its a cable issue?



It really sounds like a media issue if the LG at work had the same problems.

Try something like Verbatim (I know, you probably read that all the time here, but for good reason - with Verbatim, you know what you’re getting. TDK and Memorex discs can be made by any one of a dozen manufacturers, so vary in quality).

This applies to regular -/+R, but even more so for RW.


DVDRW’s only last for so long. Probably all worn out.


^ Yup. The 832S is a pretty old drive now and has probably had it. Mine wore out a few months ago after some years’ service.


I was talking about the disks not the drive.