DVDRW824K/40 firmware




I just updated my firmware from P 3.0 to P 3.3, after I installed my Philips drive (did not write any DVD with P 3.0 firmware).

I can brun DVDs fine, but when I try to watch them on a normal DVD player (my home theater) it rejects the disc.

If I try to watch in computers (any) instead, I can.

Someone told me about change the booktype but could not figure out, how to do that.

I downloaded DVDInfoPro and it’s just let me see, I’m not able to change it.

I’m using the KingPro DVD-R media.

I would like to come back the firmware to P 3.0, but don’t know how to that.

Any help?

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Booktype changes are only for DVD+R , DVD-R does not need it nor can your drive do it even if you wanted to.


Could be your media is crap.


Identify media code using DVDInfoPro. Generally Philips burners excel using +R media. They are mediocre -R burners.


Have to concur with Surg on this, the burn quality of -R media appears less than satisfactory.

Brother Vlad


Can someone send the latest firmware (P 3.3) to me , then i can post it on my website.


Check your e-mail!


Thank You :bow:
Direct link for version P 3.3 for the PHILIPS DVDRW824k/40.


I bought DVDRW824K/40, which has a sticker on the package as
“Full Support Reads & Writes +/- DVD formt”.

But I could not write on -R / -RW media. (I can read it).
I had update firmware to P3.3 from P3.0, still does not work.

I use Nero6, supplied with DVDRW824K/40.

Does anybody have same problem, or some idea to solve it?


… I had sent a question to customer support of PHILIPS from Web-site,
they sent me, “DVDRW824K does not support -R/-RW media”.
(I wrote “DVDRW824K/40”)

do they know what they are selling???

Anyway I wait next answer from PHILIPS. may be I will put some quesion on other thread.


as was said before on a post in this thread that you seemed to not read. philips does not burn -r media too well. it also depends on the quality of media you use


Thank you for reminding me, it’s important.
I have tried Victor, Fuji, Verbatim and Princo(…).
All the media are sold as “4x”, but all does not work.

I will others on the weekend. at first I have to get them…


seems like you have your work cut out for you trying to burn -r media but why not use some +r.

good luck


I have a 824K similar to yours (same FW and all) and burn perfectly the brands you’ve mentioned. Maybe Philips’s support attitude is equal to the one that removed all the P3.3 firmware update from their support site, like the burner wasn’t supported anymore, which completely SUCKS since it’s a great burner.

Unfortunately it seems you might have to return the drive, since it should burn +R AND -R discs (even if it’s a bit picky on the latter)


I buyed a DVDRW824K/40. I burned DVD’s without problems, but I can’t burn rewritables DVD’s. I use Nero 6. Nero saids burning is completed and correct but dvd is empty.

Nero saids my device is DVDR824DP, not DVDRW824K/40.

Somebody can help me? Thanks.


Try using another DVD-RW. I had the same problem. It was the disc.


Yesterday read DVDRW824K/40 doesn’t admit DVD-RW, its right?


No, that’s not right. I have one of these drives and it writes DVD-RW but, as someone else said, it seems to be picky as to which -RWs it will write. I had an old 1x Memorex that it refused to write but a newer -RW wrote fine at 2x. I don’t remember the media codes, sorry.

Can’t help you any more than that as I now only use +Rs and +RWs, which work great in all my burners/readers/settop players. YMMV!