DVDRW1004 27min on 4x certified media

i have tried a lot of media (Verbatim, Memorex, Princo, etc), but the burning time is 27min.
I’ve tried to flash 0049 firmware but never.

What’s the problem?



Master BTC DVDRW1004
Slave WD 120GB


Master Artec CDRW
Slave WD 120GB

I burn from secondary slave to primary master.

Your problem might be having optical and hard drives sharing the same ide channels.

Primary Master BTC DVDRW1004
Primary Slave WD 120GB

Secondary Master Artec CDRW
Secondary Slave WD 120GB

This can be bad news for burning and also it can slow down your hard drive access very badly!!


Master WD 120GB
Slave WD 120GB


Master BTC DVDRW1004
Slave Artec CDRW

That is how I would have configured it.

Also check if DMA is really enabled for all devices.

ok i try your solution.

Stay tunned:)

Apart from your weird IDE configuration it sounds like a DMA issue to me. You can use the Nero Info Tool to check if DMA is enabled on the drive.