I bought EASYNOTE R9755 in 2006. I used without any problem but few mounths ago I was reformatted for some viruses. My lucky I recover all my data. For formatting I used MASTER-DVD suplied with my notebook. After formatting I lost my NEC ND-6500A DVD+/-RW changed with Slimline DVDRW SOSW-833S it is working but not read my back-up dvds. How can I change dvd firmware from Lite-On to NEC ND-6500A. My DVD connect Secondary Master.
I tried necflash -scan -v it find SOSW-833S :smiley: unsupported driver
after I tried necflash -flash -v disclaimer note then I said “y” immediatelly changed note
driver does not determine.
( I made tattoo procedure from master dvd but exths.bat does not include NEC ND-6500A there is only Generic dvd and cd selection. my opinion problem this) I can try again formatting and NEC firmware in DOS mode then tattoo procedure will change again.
Can you help me for recover my NEC ND-6500A dvdrw without lost my data and read my recovery data dvds in WÄ°NDOWS.
Sorry for my English is not well

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’m afraid you won’t be able to change your SOSW-833S into an ND-6500A :disagree:

They are made by completely different manufacturers, with completely different chipsets.

Either you will have to stick with your LiteOn drive, or replace the drive with another ND-6500A. :slight_smile:

EDIT: You may try ISO Buster or ISO Puzzle, to see if they will help you retrieve the data on your DVDs. :slight_smile: