DVDRW Won't read cd's or dvd's

i have a samsung dvdrw. when i press the eject button on it the tray comes out and i put my dvd or cd in it. the light flashes for about 5 seconds and then… nothing. autoplay doesnt start anything and when i go to run and e: (my drive names e:) it says “please insert a disc into drive e:”. when i go into my computer, right click my dirve and goto eject, the tray comes out so its definately connected to the computer fine. i’ve tried restarting a million times to no avail. can any one help? thanx

by the way the drive is definately spinning, and iv tried reinstalling the driver.

It looks like the drive is dead. Check it out in another computer, change cable, try another power connection, all these things can be responsible, even when they worked before. This is most likely a hardware problem.