DVDRW will not read anything

Okay so this is odd. My DVDRW drive will not read any kind of disk. However, it seems to burn perfectly in WinXP Pro. I was pleasantely surprised to see that it wasn’t entiredly dead. Its a Dynex DVDRW 16X
Model Number: DX-DVDRW16

In “my computer”, it shows up as a CD-RW.
In the properties, it shows up as MITSUMI CR-48XCTE.
After reading through the forums I’ve discovered that it is actually a BTC 10161M drive. I downloaded new firmware for the BTC 1016M drive. I’m assuming that flashing the firmware will bring it back to life. However, I’ll need to crossflash it from mitsumi whatever to BTC and I don’t have any utility to help me out.
Note: I just got this drive from a woman who never opened the box.
There is no receipt etc…

Now that I’ve said all that, does anyone have any advice or who can show me to a helpful utility or website??

These are 2 different drives,is this the only drive on your computer?did you take out a cd-rw to put the dynex in?If so uninstall it in the device manager and reboot and let windows find and install it.

Actually, I did remove a cd-R on a SCSI cable. I removed both the SCSI controller card and the old burner to put in the ide DVDRW drive. I’ve uninstalled the dynex and let the system reboot and I still get the same problem. Not sure what to do.

How is it connected-primary Ide,secondary Ide?Are you using a 80 wire cable or a 40?Is it listed in the device manager?

Secondary IDE sharing a cable. (40 or 80 I don’t know) It shows up in the device manager as MITSUMI CR-48XCTE and says it works normally. I get no errors either. Also, as with all my drives, the jumper is cable select.
Drives appear in the BIOS as PATA 0 and 1. 1 being the problem drive.

Dell Dimension E510
P4 3.0 Ghz

Primary IDE = DVD ROM (no issues)
Secondary IDE on the same cable = DVD RW (the problem drive)
Sata 0 = Primary HDD C: drive (no issues) non-raid
Sata 1 = Secondary HDD D: drive (no issues) non-raid
Integrated floppy (no issues)

Change to Master and Slave on the -ROM and -RW drives. Most likely, the -ROM is set as cable select (Dell default) whereas the -RW drive isn’t.

FYI, primary and secondary IDE usually refers to two IDE channels. But what you mean to say is primary channel, -ROM and -RW drives are on the same channel, sharing the same cable.

Alright, I changed jumpers. ROM = master, RW = slave.
I then uninstalled the drive in Device Manager and rebooted.
The problem is still the same. Windows detected and installed MITSUMI CR-48XCTE and a CD-RW still shows up in “My Computer”…

Just a quick update… I actually found the manual on one of the software disks and I see the number 1016IM in the title of the manual. This is highly ironic since I already read on the forums that the Dynex is actually a BTC 1016IM. This appears to be true. I’m becoming more convinced that crossflashing it to BTC 1016IM will actually bring it back to life, assuming all goes well. I tried the autoupdate firmware on the same software disk and it says it doesnt detect any compatible drives for the update. This further convinces me that it is seeing the wrong drive. Crossflashing, although risky, seems to be the only way to fix it unless I get some more suggestions.