DVDRW - the best solution for error free storage?

DVDRW - the best solution for error free storage?

Hi! I’m new here and I’m looking forward to learn :slight_smile:

Since I bought a CD burner drive, and later, a DVD one, I am been making backups from my important data, like documents and videos. In my experience, I have encountered some burned CDs and DVD with reading errors, even after successful Neros’s “disc check”. Well, I start to buy better blank media (“Verbatim” and “Imation”), but sometimes errors still occur.
One of the things that I want to back up is my DV video tapes. Yes, I now that a DVD holds few time of DV video, but I think is better than stay with only tapes :bigsmile: . Or maybe not! An error can kill a whole DVD of DV video! :a
Surfing the web I encounter someone saying that the best way to storage (DV) data was in DVDRW, with has a different writing process that prevents the burning errors in the only-writ-once DVDs. What is our opinion? And being RWs, are they more suitable for error recovery?

Meanwhile I installed Nero’s “InCD” and immediately my PC started to treat the DVD+RW like a large diskette (DVD+RW doesn’t even have to be pre-formatted like DVD-RW ones do). Beautiful! :clap:

However, DVDRW have its disadvantages. They are:

  1. More expensive;
  2. Its files can be accidentally or maliciously deleted (by do way, is there any way to prevent this?);
  3. Burning is slower;
  4. It has less storage capacity when used “like a large diskette”;
  5. Others?

What do you think?

Thank you. :slight_smile:


Hi Sergio, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

(Se hai tempo fai un giretto anche nella sezione italiana :bigsmile: )

Rewritable media are not very reliable. The chance to lost data is very high, so until now the best solution to store important data is to use non rewritable DVD media (+ or - is not important, but you must use quality media).

Imation discs are not so great quality. The best are Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim, and any media made in Japan.

If you want to use rewritable media but want anyway a reliable media, then the only choice is RAM media.

They cost more than rewritable, but are very reliable, maybe as much as regular DVD, but are rewritable so if you can add or remove data with safety.

What is exactly this “different writing process that prevents the burning errors”? I never read anything about this, but I’m curious to know :iagree:

To use a rewritable media as a “larger diskette” is necessary to use a so called “packet writing software”, but these softwares are proven to give meny and many problems. Many users lost all data using these softwares.

@ Sinapsum,

Welcome to the Forum.

Concerning packet-writing (InCD) software and RW media.

If your value your data suggest not using packet-writing software programs and/or RW media. The reliability of packet-writing software/ RW media and long-term storage of vital data is suspect.

Suggest performing a Google (http://www.google.com) search on the reliability of pack-writing software and RW media.

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Agree with both geno and bjkg-

Uninstall InCD - use only latest version of Nero and stay away from Imation discs-

Use Taiyo Yuden or any DVD discs Made In Japan for best results - and use RW’s only for your less critical data-


Geno, Bjkg and Mike: thank you very much for the help, guys! I was preparing to start saving all my precious documents and DV video in DVD+RW! It was a good thing to ask for more opinions in this great forum.

Entendi o teu italiano. Percebes o meu português? :slight_smile:

I thought that, being rewritable It would be easier to recover data, like with a diskette. Are they physically less “robust”?

And If I use the DVDRW just like a regular one, without using a “packet writing software”? RW are THAT bad? Regular ones don’t have sometimes fatal errors, too?! I mean, there aren’t so great :slight_smile:

DVDRAM aren’t more reliable than DVDR, are they? I will use DVDRs from Verbatim. Thanks for the tip, all you guys. About media from Taiyo Yuden, I don’t know what brands use this manufacture, if any, in the local stores (in Portugal).

I tried to find again the same information, but unsuccessfully. Internet is so BIG… I was something about problem of “underrun”, problem which DVDRW don’t have…

I’m sorry, but really I tried to do just that and didn’t found anything directly related to this subject. Possible is much information, but…

Concerning CD and DVD data storage I fell more and more suspicious about its reliability. Seams nothing is really safe… :frowning:

Again, thank you all!


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Sorry for my mistake; Sergio is also an italian name and I thinked that you were italian :doh:

This is an error. Rewritable are less reliable then not-rewritable media. Because of their rewritability these discs are very easy to erase, and then is very easy to loss data. The main use of rewritable (at least for me) is to test my discs on my standalone, to see if I used a too high compression for example, or to see if I reauthored correctly. But is only for temporary tests, not for long term storing of data.

Obviously you can use rewritable without a packet writing software, but if you want to use as a larger floppy, the only way is with one of these softwares.
And yes: rewritable are that bad, but more bad are packet writing softwares: they are a real mess!

I don’t know if RAM are more reliable of not rewritable media, but surely they are more reliable than RW discs (both + and -).
You can find taiyo discs under the brand verbatim Pastel disc made in Japan or under brand Plextor Made in Japan. Usually, all made in japan discs are very good.

Buffer underrun problems are not related to the type of support, but with the hardware. If you don’t enable DMA or your HD is heavily fragmented or you run softwares that strongly use CPU power during a burn, then all these things can cause buffer underrun problems. Today, all burners have buffer underrun protections, so this is not anymore a problem.

No media last forever. The better is stored, the longer is its durability.

Thanks again, Geno. You gave much valuable information! My DVDRs ran out, so I will buy more. I will look for a 25 disk “cake” (should I prefer in jewel cases?!) Verbatim, Pastel Disc or Plextor (all made in Japan). No more DVD-RW!

Geno is correct. Packet writing software and the media itself are both flakey. I believe every interested tinkerer should own a few -/+rw’s for testing burns, but past that, buy a thumb drive or external hdd for real back-ups…:slight_smile:

Thanks ZigZagMan :slight_smile:

Usually i use rewritable only to do temporary tests on my standalone, but never for long term storing of data. Right now I’m considering to buy some RAM media to test them also regarding durability.

Ram is expensive, and you need a drive that supports that media…but the discs stand up…:slight_smile:

my dads panasonic uses them and my main pc has a dvd ram drive,still think an external hdd is the way to go archive…but ram is good media for archive…:slight_smile:

Well, I’m planning to buy a LG drive to use RAM media as external hdd. I need to do some readings here on CDF to see what model I should buy (until now 4163 seems the better)

buy 1 that supports cartridge and bare disc…:slight_smile:

For what I know LG drives support only bare disc. What drives do support cartridges?

my older matshitsa supports both, if you can getthe option, would be handy, but if not, and your only reading bare discs you buy new…not such a big deal

I’ll try anyway to search a matshita, just for curiosity.

I like very much LG 4163 because is also a good burner for regular media, not only for RAM

my experience with lg burners is only a 52x cd-r…nice lil burner though…granted never tried burning over 24x…I’ma prude…lol


My 4163 rocks, and I can’t recommend it enough. Just started using DVD-RAM too, and I’m loving it!

Gonna replace my old Litey LDW-851@SOHW-832, which is in my mum’s machine, with another LG - as soon as I can find a place with one in stock! :slight_smile:

Thanks Arachne.

Can I ask you a little clarification? Is it true that windows XP can write on RAM discs without any external driver installed? The only “limitation” that I hear is that it can format RAM discs only in FAT32. Is it true?

Yeah, I managed to successfully write to a RAM disc using FAT32 with XP, with no extra driver. And I believe you’re right, XP will only use FAT32 for RAM discs (unless I’ve missed something :bigsmile: ). To use UDF, you have to download another driver.

Hope that made sense! :slight_smile:

Thanks Arachne :bow: :bow:

I think that FAT32 will be good for me. I need to do some further readings aroung LG forum, but now I think that I’ll buy a LG soon :bigsmile: