DVDRW SOHW-832S and post burn CRC

I have, of recent, been having some perculiar errors after backing up some data files to blank DVDs. I manage to sucessfully burn the data in Nero with no errors, only when I try to copy the files back off the disc it warns me about a CRC error.

The brand of media this happend on was Imation’s DVD-R 8X . How would I go about properly diagnosing what the problem might be?

Which firmware are you using?
Imation 8x DVD-R is usually CMC or MBI and should be at least ok. Try some other media.
Have you done a disc quality check with Nero CD-DVD Speed? You should. You can save the screenshot as a PNG and upload it here. :smiley:

I have the latest firmware from here:


I will definately get some other brand of discs. What do you recommend

Here’s the readout for the last disc I burnt that had CRC probs post burning completion.

The ammount of data on the disc was 2048MB.

A screenshot of the graph, and not the statistics, would be much more useful.
However, from the statistics I can already see that your burn is… uhh, well, slightly out of spec. 22 PIF is way too much, actually everything with more than 4 is suboptimal.
Please scan at 4x speed, and not at 8x.

I usually recommend Verbatim, and also Taiyo Yuden if you can find it (under the Sony brand with the octagonal spacer, 8x Taiyos are the best, the 16x aren’t that good).

I haven’t had enought time to do another scan. But I have noticed something interesting. A whole bunch of shrunk dvds i burnt and assumed went well are showing crc errors when copting, BUT when I play them they run fine. This seems very odd?

Also all these problem hit right after I tried to update my firmware but I accidentally left a disc in while I did it. I tried to update it again afterwards with a disc but it didn’t seem to fix anything. Could this have screwed up something? :frowning:

While most experts advise to remove any disc
before flashing (and I always do), I doubt that
has anything to do with your problem.

Could the flashing itself have messed with something because I just went back to check a whole bunch of discs, data and shrunk films to find they have crc errors, and this problem did start AFTER flashing.

I’m pretty sure it is the drive as I just did 3 burns of shrunks dvds on another drive on another PC with the same discs and it all went flawlessly with no post burn crc probs.

EDIT: Also is there a way to copy the CRC problematic files off the discs? I have found that some movie file just play past the problem (all of the Shrunk DVDs I’ve had problems with did this, and some avis also did this).

Try reflashing.

I did that a couple of days after I buggered up the first one. I got screwed up discs after the first flash and after the second.

Try different brand of media as suggested above.
I have had media problems start in the middle
of a spool…

I will do this, but I dare say it is my drive that is the source of the probs, because I just burnt 5 DVDs on other PCs using the same media and they all came out perfect, so I’d be pretty unlucky to just have had the dodgy ones on my PC. The worst thing is during burning theres no indication that a CRC error has occurred. Is there some app that gives info on this while burning.

What application is showing the errors?

It is when I try to copy the data of the discs. The last disc that did this was data. Some home movie avi’s and such. It gave the crc on a single movie file on the disc, the rest copied over fine. The thing is that when I play the movie file from the disc it plays fine. So if it plays why can’t I copy it off?

It did the exact same thing for some Shrunk DVDs I burned also. The burning went fine with no errors then when I try to copy the data off the disc it gives a CRC on a specific file. BUT when I play the DVD it plays fine…

Is there some way to recover the data so I can reburn.

You could try with ISOBuster - that might do the trick :slight_smile:

Hmm, it doesn’t seem to work, and what I’ve read about it is that it will be destructive and give an incomplete file.

If I am forced to get another Burner what would you suggest?

EDIT: As a note, the reason I updated my firmware in the first place was I was having problems reading some commercial DVD movies. After updating that didn’t fix th reading problem and then these burning problems arose.

Could that be a sign that it is on the way out?