Dvdrw sohw 1693s wont read blanks



Like I said in the title my dvdrw sohw 1693s wont read blank cd-r’s. now it will play dvd’s and games. just cant burn anything to it. I am not using any software to burn iam simply dropping them in using xp.

Ive tried nero and some others…same problem it reads dvds and games fine but when I go to burn anything it just pops out and says please insert a blank cd-r. Iam using memorex cd-r’s.

another strange thing when I look at device manager I see my two drives but there is a third ATAPI DVD D DH16D2P IN there, I dont what it is. any help would be great


Can you test the drive in another computer? It’s the quickest way to see if the drive is at fault, and not your system. In the meantime you could try to delete the two drives and the third drive from the device manager and restart windows.

PS: It would also help if you told us the specs of your system, especially the IDE controllers.