Hi, I’ve had this drive for about 2/3 years, not used it much.

I had some ritek g04 discs, and they we’re great, when I burnt a disc out it worked perfectly.

But I ran out of those discs, and I bought some “Ridisc silver printables 8x”. (

Manufacturer ID: CMC MAG. AE1 if that means anything)

I use dvddecrypter to make an images and then I burn the images, but when i try and make a back up of the copy (If that makes sense) I get read errors while making the image.

And when watching the dvdr it skips/freezes (Normally near the end of the film)

Are those discs just crappy?

edit: i’m running tsd0d firmware, not sure if thats the newest.

Dig back through the forum…

I’d guess most 1213S drives have been crossflashed to 1633S / 1653S using crossflash patched firmware, as until recently, Liteon had abandoned them without an update - TS0D was pretty old, and pretty poor.


If you don’t want to crossflash, TS0J is likely to represent a 1213S “stripped down” version of the latest clutch of firmwares for the “3S v1” family - the 12X 1213S, the 16x and dual layer 1633S, and the faster -R handling 1653S.

While they may not be the greatest disks, TS0J would probably do them better than TS0D, but the Liteon’s are not as forgiving of non-premium DVD-R as the NEC’s - which tend do do well with CMC MAG AE1 - my Pioneer 109 also does well on Datawrite CMC MAG AE1.

Some drives seem to be so biased to perfomance with top grade Japanese media, that they just don’t seem to bother with what the average guy will come back from a store with - even though you might be better off if the drive spat it out at the start and demanded better media.

I have an old 1300a, would that be better with these discs?

I’ve ordered some verb tayio yudens from svp, so they should work good with this liteon.

Is crossflashing worth doing? I’ll do a search for information on how to…

The NEC 1300A evolved from the 1100A - a +R burner, and it’s performance on _R is likely to be even more questionable than the Liteon.

If you want a no fuss, official update for the 1213S, then use the official firmware - TS0J

I would sufggest lurking and reading sometime before attempting a crossflash to a different model - some 1213S drives take it brilliantly, others just don’t seem to deliver good results at the higher speeds.

The differences:

  1. 1213S = (up to) 12x on DVD+R, 8x on DVD-R, 4x on DVD+/-RW, no double layer
  2. 1633S = (up to) 16x on DVD+R, 8x on DVD-R, 4x on DVD+/-RW, 2.4x on double layer +R
  3. 1653S = (up to) 16x on DVD+R, 12x on DVD-R, 4x on DVD+/-RW, 4x on double layer +R

You would use the appropriate Codeguys patched crossflashing firmware to switch.

I’d suggest trying the official TS0J for 1213S first, as it probably brings all the media performance improvements made on the other models, back to the 1213S - If that is unsatisfactory, then the patched CS0T (1653S) may be worth a try - I wouldn’t bother with the “in the middle” 1633S - if you crossflash at all, it may as well be to the highest model that shares the same chipset