DVDRW player help

:sad:I have an Acer notebook Aspire 1642ZWLMi and it runs a slimtype DVDRW SSW-8015s DVD burner but when I put a disk into it whether its a DVD to watch or a music CD it will not recognise thhat there is anything in the drive.
When you go into properties it says that the device is running properly and when you put the disc in the drive and close it you can hear it trying to run.
It used to work fine but has justed stopped one day after I watched a DVD on it.
Any ideas or help would be appreciated.

Look in my signature (at the bottom of my post) and find the Delete Upper and Lower Filter Guide. Click on it and it will take you to an article by Microsoft.

You should click on the Fix It Button and follow their instructions.

See if this helps. If not report back here.

:(Thanks for the assistance but unfortunately the drive still dosen’t work after restarting the PC, any other ideas?

You can try deleting the drive from within Device Manager, then rebooting and letting the operating system find the drive again. This probably won’t help much.

You may just have a dead optical drive.