I want to know if my dvd pioneer ar05 is compactible with clonecd, i try to copy a ga,e cd or dvd and give me a error “dvdr 105 is not compatible with read sub data chanell”.


The only way to know if your drive is compatible is to simply try it. As you already found out, your drive cannot read SubChannel Data from a disc. This means that your drive will not be able to copy certain protections that use this SubChannel Data, such as the SecuRom and PlayStation protections. Other copy-protections, such as SafeDisc and others, might work but I can only suggest you try it and find out. You can use some of our CloneCD Profiles (see my signature for links) and see which one works and which one doesn’t. Oh and by the way, DVDs are out of the question. It’s CloneCD and not CloneDVD. Although your drive can read DVD discs, CloneCD cannot.

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