I got Problem with my PC ACER E500 Enhanced that came with DVDRW and I
buy anew One DVDRW SONY.

MY DvdRW Dual ( + / - ) from Acer is set to MASTER JUmper and SONY Dual ( + /

  • ) DVDRW set Jumper to Slave…

When i put DVD+R Blank My DVDRW From acer can read the DVD…
When i put DVD+R Blank to second drive it can not read the DVD and the
error is The drive is not
accessible / Incorrect function…

In Recording tab from drive properties is check for record on MASTER
and when i change the setting recording tab set to Slave DVDRW.
Slave DVDRW can read the blank DVD and The MASTER DVDRW can not read…

I want to set master and slave in recording tab but it can only set 1 (
Master or Slave )

Is that true ??? Can not set for both DVDRW ?

I am using recording from Windows XP… and i want setup both my DVDRW
set for recording from WIndows XP… so i can click and drag the file to both drive.


is the any solution fro this. like patch or update…

or articles from Microsoft

No drive ever needs or can READ a BLANK media!

Only suitable burners need to recognize Blanks to be able to burn to them, nothing more, nothing less.

chef is right revand, what would you read from a blank? So, I guess you mean it doesn’t recognize the blank as being in the drive, unless you “tell” XP that the drive you have the disc in is a recorder.
That’s the beauty of XP. It can burn but it is not a burner.
If you want both drives to be recognized as burners with no prior selection, you have to get the appropriate software.
One that can use the 2 drives to burn at the same time, as Nero does for instance (just an example, no advertisement) but I think you can find other to do the same.

Pay attention, because some OEM packages only work with the drive they come with.

agomes you right.

I am using Nero 7 INCD but still get same problem. can set for both drive