Dvdrw nd-3520aw



Sorry newbie here

Ive just bought a dvdrw nd-3520aw but neither burning programs
im using recognize the drive. they are nero and sonic recordnow dx.
in nero it recognizes the drive but i get no speed in the drop down tag and
recordnow dx it doesnt recognize the drive at. ive flashed to firmware 3.04
but still nothing …

Can anybody help please … ?


You can access the drive for reading a CD / DVD right ? May be you are using old software and the unit is unsupported, I am using Nero and my 3520 will be detected and burns without problems. If you are using a earlier version you should update. Also try to put a disk in the drive before executing Nero so the drive can identify the disk and display avialable speeds in this tab.


Yeah i can access the drive for reading a CD / DVD … there has to be an update to make the prog see my drive … ?

ive also tried the pxdrv.dll file found HERE … yet still no luck


Try an update cdrom config file for nero.
You can get it here http://www.nero.com/en/CDROM.CFG.html