Dvdrw market as I see it

After messing with my cache of DVDRWs, here are my thoughts.
I used to love liteons because of their modibilty, but now that omnipatch for newer dvd-rw drives seem to be in doubt they are no longer that interesting. the only thing I’d say they have going for them is easy RPC1 modibility, 1ecc PIF scanning, and their 2 sheep/2.9SD capable burners.
NEC, Pioneer, LG and their various OEMs made drives that write well, but the drive specific features don’t make me go wow; NEC and Pioneer require 3rd party firmware just to booktype +R, and LG has very short term memory about it.
Plextors maybe can match benq in terms of features in plextools, or maybe even exceed in terms of CDDA extraction. their scanning ability, while very thorough, takes way too long to complete. The worst thing is that 1) plextor is making it a pain to be a 3rd party tool provider 2) write quality seems to be a crapshot (at least with the 716a) 3) reading ability is way behind liteons and benqs and 4) (and most imporantly IMHO) they are hella expensive. I could get 2 benqs for the price of one (not that I care, but when I make my recommendations…)
Benq has good burn quality, and tons of features available via QSuite. I give them major kudos for being proactive in this regard. Of course finding RPC1 firmware is a pain in the arse, but really other than liteon I don’t think its worse than anyone else. If benq made a 1ecc scanner, they’d have one hell of a drive on their hands.
Everything else that I know of (Samsung and BTC) both use Mediatek chipsets and tends to have typical MTK burns (high TA values as reported by my 716A).
I have to say it’s getting harder and harder not to exclusively recommend Benqs now.