DVDRW IDE1004 shows as cdrom after 051

Hi guys,

I was wondering why my dvdrw IDE1004 now shows up on my computer folder as cd rom drive after upgrading to 051 fw. I have followed all the firmware upgrades that BTC has released and never had similar problem…
I uninstalled the drive and windows xp detected it again as cdrom.
On my second pc same os same drive no problem detected as dvd-rw drive.
In the past few days i installed and uninstalled on the first pc cyberlink powerproducer and some other similar programms - (none of them present at this time). Maybe something interfered?
any suggestions?

thank you,

don´t care about this when your drive works–> no problem. this looks like a bug in winxp, have you the same patches on both pc. i had the same with my 1004 sometimes dvdrw sometimes cdrom but it worked every time.

Yes herbei, i have all the same patches. the difference being that the first pc has everything installed games, apps etc. The other one is a clean system install with all the os patches.

My 1008 shows up as a cdrom also. It must be a Windows “issue.” If the drive works, who cares what windows calls it.