I’ve got a Cibox 16xDL BTC clone (which I bought from PC World… no comment) and in the 4 months I’ve had it, it’s burned about 200 cds and 50 dvds no problem. Then today it decides to get stuck on the lead-in to every cd i try to burn. I’ve updated the firmware (as I do religiously every week), not changed my media, I’ve done a defrag and a system cleanup, and my other drive (a 40x Lite-On) works fine.

Dead by any chance? (Back to PC World I go… again)

Paul :a


Are you, by chance, using this in an external enclosure? I had the same problem occur not too long ago with a BenQ drive, turns out the enclosure took a power spike and wasn’t working properly any more. New enclosure = working drive again.

Other options - yes, your drive is dead. Could be your ide controller. If you can, try swapping out the cable and ide channel on the motherboard. Then, via process or elimination, you’ll need to reinstall windows and all your device /aspi drivers again to be 100% sure it’s the drive.


I think, the original poster has found a solution for his problem, as he posted this thread in [B]July 2005[/B]. According to my calendar, we have [B]October 2006[/B] right now.