DVDRW DW-Q28A can't read cd's



hi guys…

n00b to the forum… :o

I have a Sony DVDRW DW-Q28A. I was burning an audio cd using nero 7 yesterday and after it got to 100%, it just hanged. I thought well… another coaster for me, then tried to cancel the burn & close nero & restarted the computer.

After restarting, the dvd writer did not recognise the cd, tried to put in other cd’s still the same. Put in dvd’s ok, no problem and can even burn dvd’s.

so it can read/burn dvd’s fine but can’t read cd’s.

i’ve upgraded the firmware as well to the latest version and thought that would help, but no…

so is this a laser problem? should i just get a new dvd writer or try and get this fixed?



I have the same problem with my LiteON SHW-1635S. It started yesterday after I burn two CD-R. The first one was succesful but the second one stops burning in the middle of the burn session, after that the drive does not recognize CD-R’s anymore. I tried DVD Media and it works fine and it burns smoothly but for all types of CD Media it does not work. I don’t know what happened. Hope someone out there would be able to help us.