DVDRW drive recognised as CD-ROM drive by windows


Ok to cut to the chase my AOpen DUW 1608/ARR DVDRW drive will READ CDs but not DVDs (it wont write CDs though). The operating system (Windows 2000) seems to me to recognise it as a CD-ROM drive.

I have tried the newest driver (several times) from the AOpen website. Other things I have tried/checked:

The device is set to master (is only CD/DVD drive I have).

I have made sure all wires are ok (the fact that CDs actually work indicates this).

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the device.

My IDE channels are set to ‘DMA if available’

As far as I can tell (am no expert…) installing the latest driver appear to be ineffective as when computer restarts windows identifies drive and installs its standard CD-ROM driver for it. Thats my take on it…

Any help?



That’s Windows for you…normal!

Lol true.

Oh and I forgot to mention it was previously writing/reading both DVDs and CDs not that long ago. It is also a fairly new DVD player, about 15 months old I’d say… (which I supposed depends on how you define ‘new’ but Id say Id written so few CDs/DVDs with it I’d categorise it as ‘new’)

I would go into device manager and uninstall the channel it’s on and rebot and see if Windows installs the right driver this time. If that doesn’t work you could upgrade the firmware and see if that fixes the problem. Latest firmware for your drive.


No success. Although I did find out that my DVD drive is on secondary IDE channel, my other HD drive is primary IDE channel - would this create any problems?

Already tried latest firmware, that was first thing I did and have now tried it countless times…



If you have two IDE channels=secondary and primary/ you should have your boot HD on primary master and you DVD drive on secondary master. Check cables, jumpers on back of drive, windows drivers update, BIOS update at your MOBO site, BIOS settings, and drivers update at your MOBO site. Had two of these drives and did very well in some areas. Very fast reader and a very nice cd burner. DVD is just ok.

These can be crossflahed to a 1616 BTW. See the thread on this.


No, we are not talking about windows but a well known bug in explorer!

Open up devicemanager and you will see that the drives are correctly identified at least.

Thanks guys but no luck yet!

I checked cables and jumpers - ok. My boot HD now is on primary master, but no change. There are no windows drivers updates for AOpen hardware. The BIOS settings look ok (secondary IDE channel is set as DVD RW player…). Sadly I cant update BIOS as I cant create a bootable floppy disc - floppy disc player not working!! But none of the BIOS updates appear to be geared towards solving this anyway…

That link you gave etp was good, I flashed the drive with the A070 and this was the closest to success Ive been I think - but when computer restarted windows detected drive as CD-ROM again then just installed its standard CD-ROM driver!! If there is anyway to turn off this windows auto-detection then I may win, but its plug and play so dont think there is…??

Chef you are correct in device manager the drive is at least correctly identified which is really annoying if only Windows could just properly install it! If this is windows problem would upgrading windows work? I currently running 2000 but been thinking of updating soon now that XP running more smoothly or will the probs just persist in XP?

Thanks for the help so far guys, am sure we can crack this!!


Update: guy who has the software to cross flash to a 1616 emailed me it today. Tried that and no luck… windows still thinks I have CD player!


There might be a “fix” on the m$ support sites, but mostly it has decided to not work…

Try another box.