DVDRW drive not recognised in Toshiba!

I’ve just bought a new NEC ND-6650A and fitted it in my Toshiba Satellite 5000-204. It fits fine, despite the bevel had to be cutted in a corner, but everything else fits perfectly.

Before I bought it, I called Toshiba and they said it will be compatible, I would only need to update the BIOS. I’ve updated the bios (I have version 1.80), but the laptop does not recognise the drive!

I’ve tried to access the BIOS, by pressing Esc while booting, but after that a message appears saying: “Press F1 for default setting” and no more options are available. How can I access the BIOS settings?

When it boots, the DVD drive turns on the led, so I guess is not a problem with the drive itself.

Any suggestions? I’m getting out of ideas.