DVDRW drive install; computer detects/installs it but drive doesnt seem to

I just installed an 8x DVDRW (a “Pacific Digital” that is in fact a rebadged BTC) into my Dell Dimension 4600. I slid it into place, screwed it in, attached the IDE cable and power cable and rebooted. The computer dtected the drive in the BIOS and XP started up, detected/installed the drive and told me to reboot, so I did. But I found it wierd that the LED wasnt flashing at all when I powered the computer up and the tray would not open when I would press the eject button. So I reboot and those problems still persist. It doesn’t seem like any power is flowing to the drive but it was installed fine by Windows and is listed on Device Manager.

I tried using two different power cables from my power supply but neither of them work. All the other devices/drives in my system are powering up fine though so I don’t think it’s a problem with my computer.

Could it be that the drive is simply DOA?

Can anyone suggest how to figure this out?

One weird thing I should mention is that I (stupidly) installed the drive while the computer was still on. From out of nowhere, as I was plugging the power cable in the computer shut off. I had to take unplug and replug the surge protector before I could turn it back on. Is it possible I fried the drive and that is what caused the entire computer to shut down? But then how come the system BIOS and XP detect it fine?

Some help please?

i tried to upgrade the firmware (again, the firmware upgrade package detected the drive fine) but then i get this message:

This firmware can be used on below drives :
(1) DVDRW IDE1008 .
(2) DVDRW 1008IB .
Check Sum : 4D95
Please wait a minute…
Execute command errorA!! 2/3A/ 0
Flashing is incorrect!!


Sounds to me that you flamed it by installing while computer on-

Quick - rma it as a doa and get another!!