Dvdrw drive device buffers greatly fluctuate

First of all, I’m not mr. computer. I have 2 dvdrw drives on my computer, a Samsung and a Lite-On. I used to have a TDK until it would no longer record and i replaced it with the Samsung. Since doing so, when i record two movies at once (using Image Burn), the device buffers wildly fluctuate. This was not a problem when i had my old TDK drive. That’s at 4x speed with 2, 8x dvdr-s being recorded with a total of 4.35gb each. I tried reducing the speed to 2.4x and it helped one drive but the other was still the same. Why won’t my computer record as easily as it did with my old drive when burning the 2 movies at once? Thanks for your time.

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If your two DVD-RW drives are sharing an IDE channel with each other or with your harddrive, then you should move the drives to separate channels if possible.

You also might want to check whether your drives are running in DMA mode as they should or have reverted to PIO mode.

I suggest you read this article:

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That didn’t help. I even tried different combinations of matching the 2 prong pins on the back of the drives.