DVDRW Drive Accident

Hi Guys,

I’ve Just made a stupid mistake while attempting to burn off a DVD, I took a DVD off my 50 disc spindle and while not actually seeing that there was infact two stuck together :confused: , then proceeded to put it into my DVDRW. It made some weird grating and revving noises so I then took it out, thus realising I had put two in, one on top of the other. :eek:

Is there any chance I could have wrecked or damaged my DVDRW? It seems to still be reading discs fine although I havnt burned any off just yet. The discs that came out were a little scuffed round the edges.

Any Ideas? :confused: :frowning: My apologies in advance if this seems like a basic problem! :doh:



Hi nafe99 and welcome to CDFreaks.:slight_smile: Makes a horrible noise doesn’t it.:bigsmile: I have made this mistake on numerous occasions and have not had a problem so far, in fact a few people have even tried to burn the foam packing ring as well and there drives survived. If your discs are scuffed I would recommend throwing them away or using them as test discs as they are probably damaged and will not give you a good quality burn. God luck.:wink:

Yeah, i’ve done it too :o and so far no damage done. That’s the disadvantage of having your cpu under your desk.

Hi Guys,

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Yeah it does make an awful noise! :eek: Hopefully all been well I havn’t wrecked it then, Good to hear other people have done the same thing aswell and that it is okay.

Thanks again :wink:



Actually the best one I have seen - was where the guy tried to burn to the clear plastic disc from the top or bottom of the stack - and folks in here actually tried and help him burn it-eh!

ROTFL! :clap:

Thats too bad. If it seems to be reading fine the burning SHOULD be ok. I personally haven’t herd of anyones drive breaking from that allthough the harsh sound does tend to scare people. Your drive should work fine allthough if there are any problems hopefully you can try and return it because it was defective (I mean nobody elses broke from that happening right?)