DVDRW cannot read DVD after burning ! HELP

Liteon dvdrw sohw 832s VS0E. I burned a dvd with nero vision express 2, took about 1 hr to transcode… Then burns disc & ejects it …successful burn…When I insert the disc it shows up blank…double click & please insert a disc in drive comes up, the drive just keep blinking but doesn’t recognize the disc. So the dvd burner burns the disc but cannot read them ! 3rd blank spoilt.

Windows ME
Liteon DVDRW SOHW 832S (VS0E)Latest firmware
Benq 8X DVD+R 4.7GB blanks
Nero 6.3111 Bundled

What blanks work good with the SOHW-832S?

THe best discs for LiteOn Burners are DVD+R try some discs with the manufacturer id ricohjpnr01 and MCC 003.
TDK and Verbatim DVD+Rs are good choices but you can find cheaper discs with that mids.
By the way post please the MID from your Benq Disc.
I want to know what youre using for discs

What is the CPU speed of your machine? You may need more memory, upgrade to windows XP, etc.

@ groovemaster1 Can any stand-alone player read the burnt disc? Have you had any successful burns with this media or other media?

On a side note, your overall system speed is slow and your specs appear to be near the bare minimum requirements, so don’t expect any fast burning or ripping. You may want to check your HDD…you need >5+GB free continuous space and follow strict burning procedures(defrag, no usage during burn,etc.) to get a good burn.

512 MB ram sure would help O.o
MAybe you could try to burn slower ?!