Dvdrw-105 probs

:confused: I’ve had the burner in a few months with no probs burning. I’ve been using datarite retekgo4 die disc’s not one coaster. Was burning at 4.1x speed taking about 15mins a disc. Then the other day i was burning a movie and it got to 95% burning ok then the device buffer started fluctuating up and down and the burn speed went down to 1.0x speed, it finished the disc and it works fine but now it takes me 50+ minutes to burn a disc at 1.0x speed. Can anyone give me a clue as to what went wrong.
Was using dvd decrypter at the time of slow down


Enable DMA!

The discs you mean are called RITEK G04.

Yeah cheers m8 enabled it earlier windows must have put it back on to pio cos i had to set it up when i installed dvd drive.

As for the discs m8 i know they are RITEK I just spelt it wrong it was late :smiley: