Dvdrw 1008: Problems With Dvd-rw



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I have a BTC DVDRW 1008 drive updated to 159 firmware version. I have noticed some problem in burning (and erasing too) DVD-RW. First, I have bougth some Princo DVD-RW (up to 2x speed) and I had problems with many of them. But you know, it’s not one of the best brand of optical disks.
Instead burning Verbatim DVD-R gives me no problem. So I decided to buy some Verbatim DVD-RW 4X. I can not burn or erase any of them (and they works fine on other DVD-burning devices such as some from LG).

Are Verbatim DVD-RW 4X supported by this kind of device? Will be supported with some firmware update? (there will be firmware updates for this DVD burner?).


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please check the MID code of the disc by using DVD Identifier and compare the code with the codes you can find in the BTC Media Support List. If it’s not there you can try other medias. I don’t think that there will be any further firmwareupdate for this drive. (But I can be wrong)



Verbatim 4x (MCC01RW4x) is on the DRW1008IM support list, but I know this drive only support 2x write of DVD-RW disc. So, the verbatim disc 4x DVD-RW only can write at 2x maximum speed.


Has anyone heard from BTC that this was the case?


i am in the same boat only different drive


Well BTC have washed their hands of DVDRW drives especially with all the problems that we seem to come accross im not suprised. They handed their optical drive division over to Foxconn, i guess from all the problems you can see why. Anyway im not sure it was BTC that made the firmwares, all BTC, Emprex, Cibox drives (BTC clones) Were all made by a company called Top-G.

Im not sure who creates the firmware for Top-G drives but all updates are available from http://www.drvupdate.com/ which covers Cibox, BTC, Emprex.


first time on this forum ,i have a problem where the driver 1008ide will read the dvd but when i insert the blank dvd it seems like the driver doesn’t khow it’s there . so ican’t burn anything


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I looks like that the media isn’t supported by the drive. Can you please tell us which media are you using (MID code). You can use DVD Identifier (link in my signature) to get these informations.


I have the same drive. i have media here i got on sale. 8x dvd+R and the drive finds them at 4x i guess its better to find them at 4x then to not find them at all. I wish we were able to update the firmware to make it 16x or something like you can overclock some lite on drives. i was trying to see if there was any info on the site about that but didnt find anything


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It’s a 8x drive and it uses diffnerent hardware compared to 16x drives, so it’s not possible to upgrade the drive to 16x. Regarding the media problem, I assume that this media is not fully supported. Can you please give us more information for this media (see post 8 in this thread). Which firmware is currently installed on the drive? A update to the latest can probably help to get full 8x support.