DVDRW 1004 wont read DVD

I’v had this drive for 2 months with no problems. All of a sudden it wont read or Burn any DVDs at all. But still is able to read cd-rom and audio. I have as Secondary master, upgraded firmware to 049, figured it may be a software issue so uninstallind all software related to the drive. Still wont read DVD’s. Tried to contact manufacturer but their customer service definitely needs improvement:a Also I changed from DMA to PIO mode. I think I’ve tried just about everything I have read in several forums. Is this drive useless for dvd now or is there something else i can do? Any Help appreciated

Thanks for all the replies. Just wanted to update everyone. Got an RMA, sent it back, they sent me another, 2 days later, guess what…It stops reading dvds. My Nightmare I guess.

I had the exact same issue, where my drive’s DVD section stopped working. But the cause was a bad version of firmware, ersion 0039, which cause the DVD portion of the drive to burn out. With your replacement drive, assuming you had a recent firmeware, this should not have happened again. You may want to try booting in DOS mode with CD rom support, and see if the drive sees DVD’s. That is a good way to test the DVD portion of the drive.