DVDRs burned with Plextor PX-755SA


I use a Plextor PX-755SA recorder to burn DVDRs and when I scan them I always find a continuous PIF error block as shown in the scans below. I burn with Autostrategy activated and use good quality discs like MCC004 and Taiyo Yuden. I get also single PIF spikes over 4 which reduce the quality score of the burn. When looking at other members’ scans for DVDRs burned with the same drive they don’t seem to have this problem.

Are my DVDRs and burner good with these results?


scan it with plextools? maybe it’s your scanning drive

Unfortunately, I have done it, the scans are similar. Also, other DVDRs burned with other drives and scaned by the above drive (TSSTcorp TS-H552B) do not result with the same PIF problem.

Singular PIF-spikes are not really critical. But I notice you scan at full speed. Do a scan at 2x or 4x speed and compare.

Scanning at 4x speed gives no difference :frowning:

That continuous block of PIFs would make me think of an interface problem (SATA in this case). Is it configured properly (BIOS + driver)? Or have you tried with CDSpeed 4.60 (probably won’t help if PlexTools shows similar)?

The drive is configured properly and I have also Cd Speed 4.6.0 which shows similar results. It’s strange, I use a good recorder and good DVDR media and yet I get these continuous block of PIFs.

Just a question to anyone having a Plextor PX-755SA.
Does your drive’s front LED flashes continuously from orange to yellow and so on, throughout the time that it is burning a DVDR?

Flashing might indicate that you have AS set to work with each disc.

Does this spike happen with any brand media used?

AS is always enabled, I have never disabled it. The PIF spike does not result in every disc but the continuous block of PIF does.

Can someone having a Plextor PX-755SA confirm please, if the drive’s front LED flashes continuously from orange to yellow and so on, throughout the time that it is burning a DVDR?

On the DVD that came with the drive you’ll find aa 100+ page manual in PDF-format. (One of the reasons why Plextor drives cost a bit more is that they come with proper documentation.) The meanings of different LED colors and blink-codes are explained in there in detail.

Thanks for the tip. I have found the blink codes on the Plextor website, but my drive’s flashing doesn’t seem to be a code.

That’s what I’m saying. You have an interface problem. Maybe the drive’s fending off buffer underruns constantly, causing the LED to blink that way and giving you that solid block of PIFs. Do a “Create Disc” in CDSpeed (Simulation with a -R disc is fine) and check the Buffer and CPU Usage. Are you using a SATA PCI Card?


I noticed that the continuous flashing from yellow to orange when burning DVDRs is due to the fact that the drive seems to stop continuously due to buffer underruns. When burning for example with plextools the Main Buffer Level is always at 100% but the Drive Buffer Level goes to 0.
Can this be due to the harddisc or sata controller and not the Plextor drive?


No, I am using on board SATA on an Asus P4V8X-X motherboard. In the device manager the drive is listed as working ok.
I will do a creat disc with cdspeed, now.

P.S. I forgot to point out that burning a DVDR at 6X takes about 45min, which is not right.

I have done a ‘Create Disc’ with CDSpeed with speed at 6X:

The ‘Create Disc’ took over 45min to burn a DVD with the speed at 1X instead of 6X. Could the drive be defective?

looks like you are in PIO mode.

Try running this, not sure it will work as your drive is SATA.


I don’t see your board on Plextor’s compatibility list, but I do see a similar model, P4V800-X that uses a VIA SATA chipset, and it failed the compatibility test.

Plextor notes: Operates in PIO mode only–can not achieve optimum performance.

That sounds a lot like what you are experiencing. It seems like it’s a problem with the SATA chipset and not the drive.