DVDROMs 166 and 167, differences? Anyone ordered a 166S recently?

Ideally I would like to get the 166S as that seems to be the one everyone’s been using and since the 167T seems like a relatively newcomer and a few searches showed problems over the 166S. I’d order from zipzoomfly but their 166 is titled 166/167. Also anyone ordered a 166S recently or could point me to a store that definately has one? I’ve seen some on some sites but the don’t know of those sites are even open anymore, I’ve sent a few emails hoping for a reply. Also what’s the difference between the:

Lite-On XJ-HD166S DVD-ROM Drive

and the

Lite-On LTD-166S 16X DVD ROM Drive

Is one the OEM and the other the retail?

Never buy 166S drive. My drive stoped working after 1 year. I’ve read about 50-60 CD’s and about 100 DVD’s in it, so it is not so much used. Now it can not even recognize CD’s or DVD’s. It was in a very clean room, so there was almost no dirt around. It just stoped working :a

You shouldn’t blame the drive because it failed frm your expectation! Y the other people’s dr still work well? :rolleyes:

The period of usage is important & it’s not depended on how many pcs of disc it read. It’s how many hrs! The longer you use, the more wear & tear on your dr laser pick-up. May be you get 1 more 166S & try if it’ll last longer than the previous set? :bigsmile:

You shouldn’t be too concerned regarding the negative testimonials for the 167. I have one and it averages anywhere from 5-12x when ripping DVD-Video with DVD Decrypter. Not really the cat’s ass, but plenty fast IMO. If you get one that really doesn’t meet your expectations, you certainly have grounds to RMA it.

Remember, a lot of people will be pissed off at a bad drive enough to bitch online, but few are so overjoyed by their drive that they go out of their way to post positive experiences. :slight_smile: (See ^^^^ posts)

My use for the drive is primarily for Safedisc and SecuROM backups. But if I’d later get a DVD writer from what I had read I’d prefer a 166, but maybe I’ll end up having no choice. I’d just like to get a reply if anyone’s bought one recently and where. I’m taking dwrbudr’s post with a grain of salt. Still no response to the questions of the difference between the 2 166’s and a place that has it guaranteed, that I won’t get a 163 or 167. Getting angsty :frowning:

The 2 166 drives are the same, no difference at all.

My 166s lasted almost 2 years. Still reads DVDs fine, but has problems with CD/DVD Speed audio extraction tests. I just replaced it with a combo drive. Newegg.com still sells the 166s. http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=27-131-112&depa=0
It’s out of stock right now, but should be in stock on Friday.

The Sony DDU-1612 is the same as the 166S, if you can still find it. I have one and no problems have arose. The drive can be flashed to a 166S drive as well.

I’d take a 166S over the 167T. I have a 166S and it works nicely…

I recently bought a 167 and it seems to be worse than my old Toshiba 1612 :frowning:

The 166S supported -RAM read. The 167T does not. I have heard reports of the 167T doing better than the 166S and the 166S doing better than the 167T, and the cases of the 166S doing better seem to outnumber the others. My personal take is that the 166S works nicely. It’s a proven drive. And while not much is known yet of the 167T, the -RAM removal doesn’t look nice, and if the 166S already works, then why take that chance with the 167T if the 166S is an option? (but as the 166S is phased out, such an option may not exist)

I have been using a 167T for about 6 months (with codeguys firmware) and I have had no complaints. If I had known about the RAM feature I would have gotten the 166S but for reading and ripping the only thing that is faster is my AOpen. I trust the Liteon more, though.

Can the 167 do k-probe tests, just like the 166 can?

It can, but my drive seems to have problems recognizing discs. It often spins up and down when insterting a new disc.

Try going back to DS1A. I found DS1C to cause audio extraction errors when backing up audio CDs (burnt on 145s). Went back to DS1A and all was OK.

I got the 166s and it’s really nice for ‘bad sector’ protections like SafeDisc, LaserLock, Bitpool… and even scratched CDs are no problem, it’s reading them so fast according to my Toshiba. But for creating BWA or MDS files of SecuROM 4.8+ games it’s really bad, you can’t use them. That’s my view according to your backups and I hope it’s a bit of help although I’m a little bit late posting this :).

I just ordered a 166s from xpcgear.com yesterday for $29.99 + shipping. I called the place to confirm that it was the 166s and they said it was the 166s and they had it in stock. Should have it by Monday and I’ll check back in to verify it.

I ordered a 166 from ZipZoomFly based on forum reccomendations but they sent me a 167t today.

All I want to do is play PAL and NTSC dvd’s on my computer.

I have links to the region-free files for the 166 but not the 167 so I’m not sure if I should send the drive back and look for a 166 or just keep searching for a way to make the 167t region-free.

Hope you got your 166!

You should be able to do it with the LtnRPC utility. Check out the [thread=83441]Comprehensive Liteon Tools Collection thread[/thread].

with those drives, all you have to do is reflash with new or same firmware to reset the region !!! No big deal.