Dvdrom reading problem



burning dvd (data dvd) is fine. but when trying to read it, the dvdrom keeps on reading and reading and reading. sometimes it shows the content after no less than 5 mins, sometimes it just can’t read.
does anybody know what the problem is?
i never understood these dvdrom and networking stuffs in computer…
thanks in advance!


Is the disc “blank” or not? (I mean the top of it what you can see, is it like a mirror all shiny or does it look like there’s some kind of matterial on it other then the brand and speed).

“Non-blank” disc used to have that problem that not every dvd-rom can read it. If you avoid such discs there shouldn’t be any problem, or you could try to get a dvd rom that can read these too. If the dvd rom is old (4-5 years old) then it might be because it’s detorating (guess that’s the right word for it).


The only problem is cheap CRAP media, I think.

Burning them successfully means only next to nothing.

Do a quality scan!


Probably a disk quality issue.

However, what make/model is your dvd-rom. Some older drives (and some newer ones) have problems reading certain types of disks.


my dvd-rom is new. sony dw-d56a! it came with dell inspiron 6000.
i don’t think anything is wrong…its driving me crazy!!!
dvd is good, dvd-rom is good, firmware is new, its in dma mode!!! i mean what else is there, seriously.


Again, scan it.


i’m sorry i don’t get it. what do you mean by scan?
scan dvd-rom or hard drive or what?


oh i got it. i did a disk quality scan and here are the results of two seperate disks:

so what do i have to do now? seems like a lot of errors there…

i inserted the second disk first, my drive couldn’t read it. but when i inserted it after scanning the first disk, my drive read it well within 1 min.
what does this mean?


ouch, those disks are poorly burned. I’m not sure what the scanning interval for your sony drive is but regardless, 88 and 191 max PIF’s are way too high. It is also possible that you are scanning to fast, try scanning @ 4x. Probably not though as you are experiencing playback problems.

Because different drives have different reading abilities, your DVD-ROM cannot read the disk while your burner can. What disks are you using? If possible get some higher quality Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden blanks. Unless your burner is defective, you should see much improved results.


that means my discs are bad? these kinda discs were pretty fine before. these are TDK DVD-R discs.
here is the result of scan disk result:


Run a transfer rate test and see how smooth the curve is.


here is the transfer rate, is this bad?


anybody helping me here?


They ar enot ok, just look at the scan earlier. Damaged: 0.3%
This will increase…


i’m sorry what will increase??


just wondering, does asapi has anything to do with this?


Does not.

The failure rate will increase shortly.