DVDROM Asus E616P1 problems

I just change my old DVDROM Asus E616 with the new Asus E616P1 and a have serious speed reading problemes with a lot of CD ( like Verbatim, Samsung, Traxdata etc.) it start reading at 8.9X !!! and finsih below 15X … with other CD like Sony, TDK, Princo etc I don’t have pb… it start around 19X and finish around 43X also no pb with CD-RW and DVD ? Somebody here know something about that, its a firmware pb. corectable or I have a bad unit witch need a RTM ?
Thx !

PS. I have the last firmware 1.04 :confused:

shit, I just found that the new Asus E616P1 is a Pioneer 121 OEM …
Plextor use for DVD PX-116A a Pioneer 120 OEM … what f… everybody use Pioneer drives now ?..:frowning: