DVDrohlinge24.com, is it a good place to get media?

i saw on the top of this board the ad about this shop… (http://www.dvdrohlinge24.com/)
it seems good, and has good prices, but are media from the good kind? the Verbatim +R, are they MCC?

what about shipping, it has an italian section, anybody from italy (or other europe countires) tried it? does the country add tax to the prices they put?

I’ve just ordered some DVD from http://www.dvdrohlinge24.com/ … Yes, it seems good and I hope it is :slight_smile: I’m from Italy as well and I’ve paid about 15 euros for expeditions (my goods are < 30Kgs) and about 6 euros for paypal transaction (i think it’s possible the bast way to buy with credit card)… VTA taxes (IVA) are included, they say.

I’ll let you know (I think I have to wait 1 - 2 weeks)…

i found www.nierle.de which has similar prices but less for shipping, i made an order yesterday, waiting for stuff to arrive.


I’m in italy like you.

Any feed-back?


Let me know!


List of German online vendors specialised in selling media (only those which ship to other European countries):

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